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I just finished an article on the mental health needs of young people. When interviewing teenagers, I asked a question: Have you learned any positive lessons from the pandemic?

Here are some answers:

I think I’ve learned that it’s important to have consistent habits when the world is in a constant state of uncertainty.

I discovered that my mother can be fierce. She became our teacher and then a lawyer.

She fights to keep my brothers and I safe and get a good education.

I loved seeing her like that.

I have learned that being afraid of other kids at school is stupid. I can defend myself. There is a lot more to worry about.

When we weren’t at school, I befriended people I didn’t know well because we were thrown into online classes. I didn’t really like learning online, but I enjoyed meeting kids who never crossed my path in high school.

I have learned that we have many ways of communicating. Even though we had to be physically separated, we didn’t need to be alone.

The pandemic sparked many self-discovery scenarios in my head and led me to the need to find out who I really am.

I learned how much my grandfather means to me.

He has cancer and the thought of him contracting COVID-19 made me think of him more than I thought of myself.

I’ve learned that homework has a huge impact on your grades.

I learned that I could learn online and do well without too many incentives.

It was the first time that I felt myself grown up. I picked up a lot while my mom was working.

Lots of people are working from home now, so some families have been saved by it.

I learned how much music calms me down. 13 years

I discovered how much I love writing stories. I like to create universes and invent stories about the characters in these universes. This makes it easier to stop worrying about real life.

I rediscovered how much I love art. I did a lot of art during the lockdown.

I ate a lot of pizza but seriously learned how to plant a garden and make recipes with fresh tomatoes, like soup, which goes very well with grilled cheese.

I learned how much we can help each other even though we are young.

The pandemic has reinforced how much I love sports. I missed playing when we weren’t able to form teams. I also missed when the football was not playing. It was really hard for me.

I missed the live theater, but I discovered “Hamilton” streaming and online theater camp.

I read a lot. I knew I liked to read but the confinement showed me how much.

The pandemic has taught me to enjoy things like sleepovers, dining out, and shopping. I will no longer take these things for granted.

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