What is a Charyeok in God Of High School?

Charyeok literally means “borrow power,” and it’s an ability that allows a fighter to borrow strength from one of the many “gods” in the series’ pantheon (via The God of High School Wiki). These deities include everyone from Beelzebub to Thor, as well as other supernatural entities such as demons and human ghosts (indeed, there is a fighter whose Charyeok allows him to take on the abilities and fighting style of Bruce Lee).

When a fighter gains access to their Charyeok, they are able to shape it into any unique combat form they can imagine. Some fighters will use their power to summon a weapon of their deity, some will allow the part of the deity to live inside of them, and others will even make direct contact with their deity and infuse their bodies with their power. .

That said, it’s clear that the ability weighs heavily on fighters, drawing its power directly from their life energy and often leaving the user very tired after each fight. Essentially, the only limit to anyone’s Charyeok is their imagination, allowing an incredibly wide variety of fighting styles and abilities to appear in every episode of “The God of High School” – and creating some of the sequences of most memorable action of all. animated.

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