Steelers hit a home run with Diontae Johnson’s new contract

The Steelers made a huge deal with Johnson to keep him, and absolutely no one can be upset about this new deal.

The Steelers and new general manager Omar Khan have been busy this offseason as they have now reached big expansions with three players. The most recent, and least likely to be done on paper, was Diontae Johnsonis the new deal. To say the least, Pittsburgh got an absolute steal.

Johnson’s contract talks were the focus of much of the team’s offseason schedule. Minka Fitzpatrick‘s new deal and even Chris Boswell‘s seemed like locks to make. Johnson was a different story, as his game was good but had some inconsistencies. On top of that, the receiver market has completely exploded this offseason.

Initially, most people had a Johnson extension between 15 and 17 million. After a slew of new deals, that number was believed to be closer to 20 million based on what the market demanded. After a player like Terry McLaurin was paid, it looked like a new contract for Johnson should be closer to 23 million per season.

The Steelers got an absolute steal

Instead, initial reports indicate that Johnson is earning just over $18 million per season over the next two years. For a player of his caliber and in a market as hot as this, it’s a godsend. Johnson overcame a lot of his demons last season, and even though he ended the year worse than he started, he is easily the best receiver on this list at the time of this writing.

Khan crushed him as the Steelers’ new general manager, and this deal is just another example of that. Johnson comes in well below market value, making it a win for the team. Sure, there’s a good chance Khan and the team have a potential franchise tag over Johnson’s head, but they still signed him for a lot less than everyone else expected. was waiting.

As for Johnson’s side, one has to wonder why he signed this deal. The market seemed to indicate it was worth much more than that, so the discount is confusing. One has to wonder if there are hidden incentives in this deal. If not, Johnson really should look for a new agent.

That said, he will benefit from being the team’s top target and being signed for just two more seasons. He’ll have another chance at a mega contract then, and chances are the receiver market will continue to remain hot. He sacrifices money up front, but that shouldn’t stop him from getting a big deal down the road.

All in all, it’s a good deal for the Steelers with almost no downside. The team retains its best receiver thanks to a generous agreement. While being so short could be a negative thing on the road, it also protects the team in case Johnson regresses. Overall, this deal was a home run for the organization.

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