Smart home technology takes off at the right place at the right time in the wake of the pandemic


Covid has been a catalyst in driving the need for new efficiencies both at home and in the workplace, and while much has been done in digital office design, the technological streamlining of the residential experience becomes a major boon for owners and managers of facilities. SmartRent, a proptech company that offers a complete platform of smart products for property owners and managers as well as their individual tenants, saw the demand and the need to deliver the return on investment owners and developers need by providing a scalable solution that will allow owners to make better decisions year on year and create lasting value for long term tenants.

“This is modern life,” said Lucas Haldeman, CEO of SmartRent. “Residents have been waiting for this type of change and SmartRent is able to provide tailor-made curb-to-couch services for these requests. “

Getting to the right place at the right time has been critical to the success of SmartRent. While the idea of ​​a frictionless home experience existed before the pandemic, Covid has clearly delivered the long-term value proposition for homeowners. SmartRent has been able to provide adaptability for owners and individual residents that enable the integration of thousands of smart products through a range of leading manufacturers and distributors. The platform is continually being revamped with their R&D team to meet demand, changing market needs and IoT trends, which has been a major draw for owners looking to develop long-standing relationships with market players. real estate.

“We were already on our way to a future of digital efficiency at home and in the office,” said Haldeman. “The pandemic has significantly accelerated the process. What sets SmartRent apart is its ability to scale to meet the needs of everything from individual buildings to fully integrated wallets in all states and countries.

His foreknowledge has resonated with homeowners, who realize they need more than a high-quality internet connection to set themselves apart from potential tenants.

“Tenants are increasingly looking not just for a good place live but a great life to live”Said Haldeman. ” A big part of which eliminates friction by offering a modern and homogeneous lifestyle.

Owners and asset managers are seeing real results. Technology creates operations consolidation, profitability and transparency that reduce risk, protect assets, and extend the lifecycle of units and buildings – all major drivers of Return on investment from better insurance rates to reduced utility bills and proactive monitoring for leaks and extreme temperatures before they become a major problem. Additionally, SmartRent can reduce operating expenses by creating digital transparencies and re-aggregating billing functions for greater efficiency. This extends beyond landlords to tenants, who save money on utilities through smart monitoring, one of the many reasons SmartRent clearly reduces tenant turnover rates for customers.

Buildings in 46 states, Canada and the UK are realizing the benefits. “From dense urban areas like New York and Chicago to outer suburbs of Dallas and LA to rural areas like Iowa and Missouri, our ability to help build resilience and livability has been transformative for homeowners and managers.

This purchase with tenants across geographies provides ample opportunities for multiple property owners and investors with the ability to streamline portfolios and consolidate functions across borders with the ability to customize to suit building needs. individual.

“Knowing the popularity of this platform across the country also helps homeowners enter new areas with the confidence of knowing they can deliver what tenants want,” said Haldeman.

From a property management perspective, owners and managers can respond to tenant needs and resolve some maintenance issues immediately, while the transparency of the platform brings valuable insight and the ability to be proactive.

Much of this functionality comes from the valuable partnerships that SmartRent has forged. There are now over 2,000 compatible smart devices, the number of which continues to grow, while tenants benefit from an e-commerce site where they can add new devices that their buildings may not offer to personalize their. living environment.

“On the SmartRent side, we are constantly evolving our service offerings to ensure that we anticipate what tenants will want,” said Haldeman. “When a resident says, ‘I wish there was an app for that,’ we want to make sure the functionality exists through SmartRent. “

From access codes when you’re stuck on cameras and smart locks at your front door to smart devices and parking management setting controls, SmartRent allows tenants to control their world. More than that, however, the platform also acts as a community manager for properties, integrating property management client relationship with seamless access to resident data.

This smart home technology has even changed the way people buy and rent in the first place. Brokers, forced to turn to virtual screenings and self-guided tours to allow for minimal or no in-person interaction, embraced these changes, especially as a wave of business relocations and the desire for life changes bring about. long-distance moves.

“Virtual tours will remain an option in the long run,” said Haldeman. “Self-guided digital tours and virtual screenings allow owners to expand their prospect base exponentially. “

In fact, data shows that over 60% of potential renters seek self-guided tours through their mobile devices. SmartRent’s self-guided tour technology enables property managers to overcome limited brokerage hours by allowing residents and potential homeowners to visit communities and homes in safety, without any interaction from real estate staff required . Whether through remote app-based visits or digitally coordinated in-person visits with smart PO boxes, smart locks or camera verification, the process maximizes staff efficiency and ensures the safety of current residents. .

“The crisis is precipitating change,” said Haldeman, “as efficiency becomes a major differentiator for businesses and the property lifestyle. These efficiency gains are becoming the norm because they ultimately free up time, energy and resources for people. Building owners and operators who can deliver complete, digitally streamlined experiences to residents will be the ones best positioned for the future. “

SmartRent’s technology is only getting better and offering more functionality and efficiency to owners through its platform. For homeowners looking to increase the value of their properties, maximize return on investment, and gain new tenants at a time when many are looking to improve their living experience, there is no more opportune time than now. to adopt SmartRent.

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