Selena Gomez really hates working; ‘It’s not funny’

Celebrities are just like us! Selena Gomez may be one of the most famous faces in the world, but there are parts of her life that are still well relatable. Unlike some celebrities who like to workout multiple times a day (looking at you Adele), Gomez doesn’t particularly like to exercise. However, the Only the murders in the building the star still finds time to prioritize fitness.

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While Gomez understands the physical benefits of exercise, she also uses physical fitness to maintain good mental health. Over the years, the “Rare” singer has used her platform to help de-stigmatize mental health. His cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty, launched the Rare Impact Fund, which is committed to raising $ 100 million over 10 years. This money will help people access mental health services.

Selena Gomez reveals how she takes care of her mental health

Recently, Gomez also teamed up with his mother, Mandy Teefey, and Daniella Pierson and founded a fitness company called Wondermind. In a video, for Wondermind, the Selena + Chef star has revealed how she takes care of her mind.

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“Sometimes I’m not good at it, like it just happens when I wake up and struggle, you know, maybe sometimes just getting out of bed,” Gomez said candidly. The the Wizards of Waverly Place alum also revealed that calling a loved one for support helps them take care of their mental health. Additionally, the actor shared that being in the know about what she’s going through also helps a lot.

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“I’m constantly trying to fill myself with knowledge of how I’m feeling and the triggers that happen to me,” Gomez continued. “So I think what really helps me understand myself a little bit more is that I can take a step back and think about all the tools that I have learned and try to implement them in my all of my life. days. This is usually what helps me.

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Finally, Gomez championed fitness as a way to take care of herself. However, she admitted that exercising was far from her favorite activity. “Plus, I suggest exercising,” Gomez said. “I hate training, it’s not fun, but I recently took some intense boxing lessons, and it really helped release a lot of frustration, but also just energy, and I was feels so good. “

Gomez takes boxing lessons at Rumble

There are plenty of places to go if they are interested in boxing. However, Gomez appears to be a Rumble fan. Rumble is a popular workout that combines boxing skills and drills with resistance training. A typical Rumble workout includes 10 rounds of boxing, high intensity interval training, strength training, and metabolic conditioning.

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“@erikaannhammond thanks for kicking me **,” Gomez captioned a photo of herself after completing a practice session at Rumble. Erika Hammond is a member of the founding team at Rumble and is the coach who put Gomez to the test. Gomez might not be a big fan of training, but the smile she wears in the Photo definitely makes the endorphins look worth it.

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