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The newest member of West Chester Township’s management team is Arun Hindupur who will take over as head of the township’s community services department – managing the roads, infrastructure, facilities, cemeteries and parks division.

“This is a critical role in our operations and we are confident that Arun is up to the challenge,” said Township Administrator Larry D. Burks.

The West Chester board approved the appointment of Mr Hindupur on Tuesday September 27e2022.

Arun’s first experience in the public sector was in the city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, where he worked for eight years in a variety of capacities, including infrastructure planning engineer, project manager and infrastructure engineering supervisor. infrastructure.

“I am committed to providing an essential public service to the community and I am truly energized by the opportunity to engage with a wide range of stakeholders spanning the full spectrum of public works,” Arun said.

The West Chester Community Services Manager works with community members, staff and the township management team, as well as agency partners like ODOT, Butler County Engineer’s Office and many other stakeholders. These collaborations have been critical to the township’s success in getting the job done and being fiscally responsible to ratepayers.

Arun was educated in Canada, Sweden and Germany with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering (Chemistry) and a Master of Science in Water Resources. He also holds a graduate degree in municipal leadership and watershed management.

Arun and his wife Madhuri (MJ) reside in Maineville. The couple moved to the area in 2020 for a career opportunity, but they already knew the area had a lot to offer.

“My wife used to travel here regularly for work and we really enjoyed everything the area had to offer,” Arun said. “We spent a lot of time on these tours in the Union Center area and the Liberty Center area and were impressed with the community.”

Most recently, Arun was employed by Jacobs as the Principal Water Resources Engineer in Sharonville. He is a sports enthusiast and enjoys playing basketball, tennis and golf in his spare time.

Arun and other candidates for the post of Director of Community Services were interviewed by members of the Township’s leadership team and several team members representing the various disciplines that are part of the Community Services Department.

In his first few weeks on the job, Arun looks forward to getting to know his team and meeting the people who have been so essential to West Chester’s success.

“Communication and engagement, which are transparent and honest, are at the forefront of successful and trusting professional working relationships and I hope this will serve as a fundamental building block for success in the future,” Arun said. about his first 100 days on the job.

Arun will join the team on October 11.

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