MCU Theory Reveals The Scarlet Witch Might Remember Peter Parker

Spider-Man: No Coming Home pushed the limits of what could be possible for science and magic. Not only did the multiverse explore an endless array of possibilities, but it also pushed the boundaries of magic and how certain spells could change things forever. In the case of Peter Parker, everyone he knew and loved would forget who he was to save the planet from a greater threat. While Doctor Strange has explicitly stated that no one will remember who he was, there is a theory that the Avengers’ most dangerous teammate might still remember who Peter really is.

Wanda Maximoff went from a young adult who wanted nothing more than to protect her country to a powerful woman whose limits are matched only by the immense grief she felt after losing her family, her brother , his love and his children. But in her loss, she also awoke to her true potential and embraced the still-mysterious moniker of Scarlet Witch. With this new power boost, she has spent her time since Wanda Vision trying to figure out how far his magical abilities could go. The fact that her physical form could function without her astral form showed how much more powerful she was than Strange. As such, Reddit Theorist Stikfkip thinks that might be the key to how she remembers Peter Parker.

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According to No coming home theory, Strange’s oblivion spell wouldn’t affect him as Wanda is far more powerful than Strange. So on the face of it, that’s not the best way to properly explain how she would remember. However, the basis of her powers and past events might shed some light on the real reason why she would still remember Peter Parker as Spider-Man. The first and most important reason would be that she doesn’t borrow power; she is Power.

Wanda Maximoff is both the Scarlet Witch and a Nexus Being; this power could allow him to peer into the multiverse while simultaneously evoking magic from within. It might even allow him to see different Spider-Men and their secret identities. In comparison, wizards and witches must undergo years of training to borrow energies from the universe to cast spells and constructs. However, Wanda was shown to be a quick learner and she used her skills and inner energies to overpower Agatha Harkness and change the reality around her. Therefore, if Strange’s spell could reach her, she could potentially sense the energy shift and defend against it or deny it completely.

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But even if Wanda isn’t skilled enough to fend off a spell as huge as the one cast by Strange No coming home, she could still use simple tricks to theoretically undo its effects. The most obvious solution would be the runes she used against Agatha. As he was taught, only those who cast the runes in a given space can use magic. Although it hasn’t been shown if the magic from outside will also be canceled, it could be considered. Wanda has little to no trust for people she wasn’t already close to. Because of this, it’s easy to assume she’d run errands in whatever space she’s in just in case Agatha or someone else should come calling. If Strange’s magic isn’t effective in Wanda’s house, as the runes would protect her, she would be immune to its effects.

On a more thematic note, Wanda remembering Peter might also help the healing process for both of them, as they’ve suffered heavy losses since deciding to be heroes. Peter, who would have no one, might consider Wanda an older sister and a friend who needs him as much as he needs her. As kindred spirits, they could open the door to exciting team-ups and give Peter the chance to meet Strange again. As of now, it’s unclear where Wanda’s allegiances lie, but if she’s still a hero at heart, she might be the only one who remembers Peter Parker and could be the key to reuniting them. both a sense of normalcy.

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