It’s time to vote against failure

Nigeria is facing perhaps its biggest challenge since the end of the civil war. It is the challenge of leadership, honesty of purpose and dedication of leaders to the nation and its people. This speech is part of the context of the primaries of the political parties in progress for the selection of the candidates for the elections at all the levels of direction of the federation. This message will find more resonance with young people and all people of good will who love Nigeria and have the interests of its people at heart.

The message is simple. Young people today have the greatest electoral power in Nigeria. The older generation of politicians, especially in the two main political parties – the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party – do not have your interests at heart. On the contrary, they have taken ruthless but visible measures to destroy your today with the wish to make it permanent so that your future will be in ruins. Therefore, now is not the time for complaining and complaining. It is a period of active engagement and preparation to get rid of the leadership table of people, political parties and their collaborators, who have contributed in large measure to the economic, social and political decadence of Nigeria. It is time to dust off the cards of permanent voters ready to vote against irresponsibility, greed, imbecility manifested in the inability to exercise the faculties given by God for the common good, economic sabotage, plunder of the treasury , religious fundamentalists, etc. the parties contain the greatest agglomeration of these vices. For the avoidance of doubt, a few reasons why they should not be allowed near the Halls of Power are detailed below.

Let’s start with the young people. Education is the foundation of development and the guarantee of a prosperous and successful future for the nation and its young people. For the past two months, the University Academic Staff Union has been on strike and students from all public universities are at home. Going back a bit, the ASUU strike has become part of the education landscape since the return to civilian rule, which the Peoples’ Democratic Party ruled for 16 years. This time, the main cause of disagreement and strike is the funding of universities. The federal government, through its duly accredited representatives, signed an agreement with the ASUU and put it on a dusty shelf, refused to implement it, and simply pretends that the government has no d money to implement it. But everyone knows that the government’s position is a lie from the pit of hell. Simply put, the federal and state governments have refused to give education and the future of our people the priority it deserves. There is money to satisfy the greed of a Federal Accountant General and his cronies who allegedly stole nearly 200 billion naira. Trillions of money stolen from the public treasury and reported in several auditors general reports have not been returned to the treasury and the looters have barely been prosecuted. Yet there is no money.

Men and women leaders of both parties don’t care because their children are out of school in Nigeria. They are out of the country and therefore if Nigeria’s education is collapsing, they are not bothered. The few people who cannot afford to send their children abroad have sent them to private universities. This band of bipartisan marauders has presided over the indicator of more than 15 million children who are out of school, have never been in school, will never be in school and as such lack basic literacy century and age of knowledge and science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The same government that is currently entrenching this irresponsibility through its ruling party has pegged its presidential nomination forms at N100 million. Incumbent ministers and civil servants rushed to buy the forms and no one asked them where they got the money from. Those who purchased the forms included people who declared in their asset declaration forms that they had less than N100 million when taking office. The aspirants of the ruling party criss-cross the federation to ask for the support of their delegates. Available information indicates that they have spent billions bribing revelers to support their aspirations. Even the cost of legitimate campaign transactions such as travel, hotel and other logistics is not cheap. The majority of the aspirants are government officials, who resigned from their posts about three weeks ago, while others are former government officials. Where did they get the billions of naira they spend? Your guess is as good as mine – public money converted to private use.

The main opposition party has meanwhile set its nomination fee at 40 million naira. But their primaries turned into an obscene bazaar of dollars where money was shared openly and delegates who received that money confessed and publicly displayed it. But last I checked vote buying and bribery were offenses under Nigerian law and we still had a plethora of law enforcement officers who could have investigated and prosecuted this group of saboteurs whose home should be in a correctional centre. The opposition has abandoned the zoning formula it had devised to ensure inclusiveness and participation in public life at the highest level for all divisions in Nigeria. Instead, they sang an insensitive hegemonic note where a party chairman and the presidential candidate all came from the same divide. And they expected others to follow their open and unreserved display of nepotism and disregard for the rights of others? Yet again, a ruling party aspirant failed, refused and neglected to visit a geopolitical area in his quest for his party’s ticket? Just begging for the ticket and showing such open hatred and contempt for a people and still expecting to be the President of Nigeria?

The ruling party presided over the murder and killing of young Nigerians for their claim to the sanctity of the right to life during the #EndSARS campaign. A ruling government ordered troops to shoot, kill and maim young citizens while singing the national anthem and waving the national flag. It was a sad and pathetic scene, which showed the depth of the exceptional depravity of the ruling party and its leaders.

The greed and ignorance of the current occupiers of power has resulted in a national debt of over $125 billion. Borrowing under the law is only permitted for capital expenditure and human development. Despite this colossal debt, we are still an economy lacking in infrastructure and our human capital is far from being described as developed. So what did we do with the loan proceeds? It was largely stolen and mismanaged. Things have gotten so bad that we are servicing our debts with over 96% of our undistributed income. What is the ruling party’s response – more borrowing. The extremely sad part of the news is that many of the people orchestrating this borrowing are ideally no longer part of the labor force who can help service and pay down the debt.

Actions speak louder than words. There is no need to appeal or try to stop these misfits in their adventure as they are determined to destroy the future of Nigeria. Just stop them at the polls with your PVC. Reject them and all they represent.

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