Intro: Turks & Caicos on a whim

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As promised, I’m going for me to continue writing travel articles in to the future, and so this is my very first report. This report will be very short, so think of it more an appetizer in relation to my review trip. Short story, Ford and I had a five-night stay staying at The Ritz Turks & Caicos, which is among the most recent luxurious properties within the Caribbean.

The reason we chose to go for a trip to Turks & Caicos

The trip was planned in just the right time, just several days prior to our the departure. Me and Ford were separate for a couple of weeks. We determined to meet at the most “easy” area but weren’t certain of where. In recent months my focus on point redemptions has been focused on MarriottBonvoy points as the program has eliminated reward charts. I’m sure the cost of redemptions will rise significantly.

We instantly imagined The Ritz Turks & Caicos, which began operations in 2021. We’d never visited Turks&Caicos. The entry conditions were fairly reasonable (sort at least… Let me write about my experience) and it offered quite a few points and flights are very affordable.

So, after a short discussion, we decided to make reservations. It took around an hour since we began discussing the idea of the trip in order to book everything.

Reservation at the RitzTurks & Caicos

The RitzTurks&Caicos is a MarriottBonvoy Category 8hotel which means that for our stays the hotel was charged at a standard rate (rather than off-peak or peak). The result was that a redemption was 85,000Bonvoy points for a night with the possibility of the fifth night for free. That’s right 5 nights would worth of stay cost the equivalent of 340,000Bonvoy points, which is the equivalent of 68,000Bonvoy points per night.

This was in stark contrast to the price paid for the same room, which was more than $1,200 after accounting for fees and taxes.

I’m eager to shared my experiences with this hotel. The hotel’s reviews have been negative to date and I was able to keep my expectations in check. There were some things I enjoyed about the hotel, for instance the views…


There were some things that I did not enjoy such as the corners that are clearly cut out with pieces of the design for the hotel.



What we did to fly into Turks&Caicos

When we set out to plan this trip I’m located in Tampa and Ford was located in SouthFlorida, then I planned to meeting him along the route.

I was first tempted to travel via SilverAirways from Tampa to FortLauderdale, an airline I’d never been before, yet it captivated me for an extended period of time. Well, it wasn’t as interesting to write about as an LufthansaFirst Classflight but it was an enjoyable trip that I’m delighted to write about.


I’m finally able fly with the SilverAirways Barbie jet!

Between Providenciales and FortLauderdale, we flew JetBlue. The tickets cost about $200round trip and we can also credit the travels towards AmericanAAdvantage. It was fascinating due to the fact that those flights are operated by EmbraerE190s, that I have never experienced previously on JetBlue. This is also the first flight with JetBlue because reciprocal elitebenefits were introduced with the American.


JetBlueEmbraerE190, JetBlue’s Embraer in Turks&Caicos

This is why I’m going through the flights, however, as they stated do not be expecting too many photos of champagne or hot towels.

The line ends at it’s end

We’ve just returned from a fantastic vacation on Turks&Caicos. When I’ve imagine going for some adventure, I tend to consider traveling across the globe as a highlight which has caused me to ignore islands in the CaribbeanIslands. The recent debut of the RitzTurks&Caicos, I have thought it was the perfect opportunity to discover a new island and visit an exciting points hotel.

There will also be new reviews of product from various airlines, including JetBlue and Silver Airways. Keep an eye out and thank you for taking the time to read. I’ll be revealing more details about the more extensive trip to be announced soon!

If you’ve been in TurksandCaicos Islands, what were your experiences?

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