East Florida State College | Landman appointed chairman of the EFSC board, honored former director


Landman appointed chairman of EFSC board, former director Harvin honored

August 9, 2021 – Alan Landman was unanimously appointed for another term on Monday as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Eastern Florida State College.

He has been a member of the board of directors since 2009 and has already been chairman several times during his tenure.

“It is an honor and a privilege to hold this position. The EFSC is a large institution with a strong focus on the students and the community we serve through the dedicated faculty and staff. Our future is exceptionally bright, ”said Landman.

Ronald Howse was re-elected Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The directors also honored former board member Moses Harvin Sr. who served from 2011 until early this year.

EFSC President Dr Jim Richey, right, presents a plaque to Moses Harvin Sr. in honor of his 10 years of service as a college administrator.

“You won’t find a more committed advocate of higher education than Moses, who put all his heart and soul into his role as an administrator in the most admirable way, always focusing on what the students needed to do. grow and succeed, ”said Landman.

During their joint tenure on the Board of Trustees, Landman and Harvin were instrumental in transforming the college from Brevard Community College into Eastern Florida State College with a new name and significantly expanded mission in 2013.

They also oversaw the launch of more than 60 new academic programs, including the first bachelor’s degrees in college history that rose to 25 tracks in health, business, computer technology, and education. .

Their work has also been marked by the significant expansion of online learning, the construction of new buildings on the Melbourne campus, the significant upgrading to other campuses and the increase in minority student enrollments.

College President Dr. Jim Richey also praised Harvin’s service.

“I really appreciated his advice and guidance, I admired his passion and leadership and I am grateful to have had the chance to work with him. His service has benefited everyone at the EFSC and in Brevard County and it is something we will never forget, ”said Richey.

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