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The more you think about it, the more confident you will be that it’s time to take a look at your look and do a comprehensive look at how you look. You start to think about doing some beauty interventions as part of your upgrade. A plan for the upgrade is being formed. You start looking for information on where you can get beauty advice, where to buy a new set of clothes and where you could make the interventions in your appearance that you want to do.

When you were struggling in your past life you may not be as active as you wished you were but this has an advantage and it is that you have now saved a lot of money that you can now invest in your new life.

As your preparation for your transformation rolls on, you may raise your level of ambition a bit. It is not at all unusual for ambitions to grow when planning a project. Now you may, however, slip into a situation where it is becoming clear to you that you do not have the funds you need to put your project into port. You start to think about how to get the money you need for project upgrade.

One solution that you are considering is if you could not take out a loan to finance your project. You’ve heard of private loans and how they can help you in situations like these.

What is a Private Loan?


A private loan is a loan taken for consumption. Consumption means everything that does not mean that you provide a security for the loan. A security for a loan is typically a house, apartment, car, boat or similar that has some kind of value that the lender can take from you in case you cannot pay the loan properly.

A private loan does not require any collateral but instead is based on your ability to repay the loan based on the income you have.

The limitations that exist for how much you can borrow when you take out a private loan are thus your income, but it is also how large your debts you already have. Your credit history also plays a role here because a credit history that shows that you did not handle your payments that you would be able to get your loan application rejected.

How do you find private loan companies?

How do you find private loan companies?

There are plenty of companies that provide private loans. Banks, credit institutions and even companies sell goods and services. These companies make money on the loans they can give you by charging interest and fees as payment for the loan.

You can find companies that provide private loans through a simple search on the internet. If you are looking for “private loans” you will get a solid list of lenders who are willing to give you loans. Now it is important to examine these companies in the best way so that you understand which company is best for you.

Choose a private loan

Of course, it is important that you choose a serious company that you borrow from. There are a lot of lenders on the market so choosing between them is not always easy. The best thing you can do is probably search the internet for information about the different lenders and try to find positive or negative information about them. If you spend some time on this, you may soon find enough information to make a rational decision.

Loan size

As the next part in your survey of lenders, you should find out how much these companies are willing to lend to you. Different lenders specialize in loans of different sizes, so you have to know at least about how much you want to borrow before proceeding with your application. The range of loans goes from just a few thousand kronor to over half a million kronor.

Loan period

When you take out a loan, it is important that you know how long you want the loan. The loan period will affect your costs and payments for the loan. The costs are interest and fees that you will have to pay throughout the loan period. A long loan period drives up the cost of the loan. However, you should also pay off the loan and the monthly repayments will be lower if you take the loan for a longer period. There is thus a conflict here because if you choose a shorter loan term you will be able to repay more per month. It is important that you consider how much your personal finances can handle when choosing a loan term.

Terms for private loans

Terms for private loans

The terms for private loans include interest rates, fees, repayments, the size of the loan, the loan period, credit information and more.

It is important that you understand all the terms of a private loan before you take out the loan. The nominal interest rates are the cost of the loan. These interest rates are set based on the Swedish Riksbank’s assessment of the economic situation in Sweden. It is also important to note that the nominal interest rates may change during the loan period, so it is important for you to consider whether you should have a variable or fixed interest rate. If you take out a loan for a shorter period, you may be able to choose a variable interest rate without having to worry too much, but if you take out a loan over a longer period, the financial situation may change a lot during the loan period so it might be a good idea to have Binding all or part of the loan to a fixed interest rate.

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Borrowing money always entails a certain risk, luckily every Dutch person knows that. And that risk is (legally required) also mentioned by the various loan providers. The slogan “Pay attention, borrowing money costs money” has now become quite common. Still, when taking out a loan, it is always important to first delve into your own financial situation. Because when you unexpectedly cannot meet the requirements set by the loan provider in terms of interest and repayment. This is usually fairly easy to figure out.

The vast majority of consumer credit providers such as personal loans and revolving loans are transparent, customer-friendly and help you with clear calculation examples to get a good overview of (the course of) your loan. However, the fact that some loan providers – consciously or unconsciously – are not always clear makes the conclusion of a personal loan or revolving credit sometimes a tricky business. Recently it turned out again during a case that was brought by an injured consumer who had borrowed money from Outerbank.

Revolving credit with Outerbank

Revolving credit with Outerbank

The aforementioned case with the Kifid Financial Disputes Committee had to do with a “sharp rise in interest rates” that Outerbank (a wholly owned subsidiary of the French bank Credit Agricole) had implemented. One of the victims had started a case in which the issue was that the interest rate on a revolving credit had risen by more than 4 percent in 10 years. Incidentally, the victim was not in the right because, according to the complaints committee, interest rates are simply “dependent on all kinds of circumstances”. Unfortunately for the customer.

Reaction from the financial world

Reaction from the financial world

Incidentally, the case mentioned here did stir up the necessary material, and the necessary responses from the financial world came to the disputes committee. And many connoisseurs were not very pleased with the conduct of the lender Outerbank, despite the (for Outerbank) positive outcome of the case. For example, the Mikara consumer program devoted extensive attention to the case. Outerbank was therefore forced to submit a response.

The lender says on its own website about the Mikara broadcast: “We were overwhelmed by the Mikara broadcast of 30 April”. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets was a bit clearer, because according to this watchdog there were strangulation contracts that Dutch consumers had to deal with, although the AFM said it was a little more cautious when talking about customers who were “Locked Up”, or imprisoned, were in a credit. Professor Anoud Boot of the University of Amsterdam was even more positive. “Outerbank’s practices are morally reprehensible,” said the professor.

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Private lending is borrowing money without a bank

In this article you can read all about the various options on how you can borrow money as a private person without the intervention of a bank. This type of loan is also called a private loan.

If you want to borrow privately, there are various options for doing this. Many private money loans are offered via the internet, so you will always succeed. Where exactly can you go?

Borrowing official money without BKR control

Borrowing official money without BKR control

A good option is to borrow money as a private individual without BKR control. So if you want certainty and no hassle, and you don’t want a check at the BKR, consider a mini loan. That provides clarity, overview, trust and your friends and family do not need to know that you borrow money. So in a way also anonymous. View what a mini loan without BKR check entails:

With a mini loan you can borrow up to 1500 euros without a BKR check. In this way you can still borrow money without having to use a bank and without checking whether you have payment arrears.

Borrowing private money, preferably with a contract

Borrowing private money, preferably with a contract

If you still want to borrow money without any intervention from a body such as the provider of a mini loan, then it is always wise to use a contract for private loans. Have everything well put on paper so that both parties are obliged to comply with the agreed agreements. This applies to both the lender and the person who has to repay the money. Do not assume that an oral agreement is sufficient for a private loan, because in practice this often appears to cause problems, because verbal agreements are often (partially) forgotten, whether they have understood the agreement differently than intended.

Mutually, there are usually some more flexible agreements to be made with a private loan than the agreements that you can make with an accredited lender. This makes private lending attractive and is therefore the reason that private lending is common.

Borrow within your social circle

If you want to borrow money from someone from your own social (friends) circle, it is important to put the agreements clearly on paper. You are not the only one who fails to do so when borrowing money privately, which later causes the biggest arguments about borrowed money. Because even if you think you know someone so well, if money is involved, people can sometimes change. Be wise if you borrow privately and put all agreements on paper.

Practical example of a loan with friends and family

The following practical example shows that borrowing within your social circle does not have to turn out badly with friends and family:

Once upon a time there were 2 people who wanted to take over a company from a franchise chain. The company was entirely based on the supply of products from other parts of the country, organized by the franchise chain. However, the 2 entrepreneurs wanted to run the business themselves and start making their own products, because purchasing products produced elsewhere was much more expensive. This was not a good idea for the franchise chain and gave the entrepreneurs the opportunity to take over the business and thereby step out of the franchise. However, starting the business had taken all the necessary steps and therefore no extra money could be borrowed from a bank to buy out of the franchise.

A request was then made to family and friends within their social circle. This was explained what the situation was and together with a financial overview everyone was asked if, and if so, how much they would want to lend to the company. An expensive machine, purchased for self-production of the products, was used as collateral.

As a reward, an interest rate was given that was well above the current savings rate. This was done to motivate people to lend money to these people. With the value of the machine as collateral or guarantee. Of course everything was recorded on paper and signed as an official document by both parties. This is a valid document. An example of a similar loan contract can be downloaded here.

Download the sample contract for private lending of money here (PDF)

The result was that the company was able to receive the required amount within 2 to 3 days from various friends and family. The company was able to restart as an independent company without being connected to the franchise chain and without the intervention of a bank.

This really happened story indicates that borrowing within your social circle, from friends and family, is definitely worth investigating. If you end up in a similar situation, this is the ideal way to borrow money, without the intervention of a bank, where you may no longer be able to go.

Borrowing private money online

Always pay attention when borrowing privately on the internet, because you would not be the first to be scammed this way. All kinds of smart tricks are used via the internet to get out of lending agreements. Borrowing privately from a stranger (via the internet) has a fairly bad name and borrowing in this way entails a risk.

In general, borrowing money from a competent authority is the most responsible and the safest. An official contract will be drawn up and all options will be discussed with you in advance. With a recognized body, you know where you stand, unlike with a private loan. When borrowing money from a private individual, everything can of course also go smoothly and as agreed, but we still hear stories where the private loan was not the best option. So think carefully before you start a private loan.

Benefits of private lending

  • Often the money is available quickly
  • No verification at the BKR Bureau for Credit Registration
  • Make agreements yourself about repayments, possibly variable repayments or at intervals
  • No penalty for early repayment

Disadvantages of private lending

  • Interest is often higher than with an official lender
  • Draw up and sign an agreement yourself
  • Borrowing acquaintances or family can put pressure on the mutual relationship
  • Less privacy, your family or friends from whom you borrow partly know your financial situation

Record the conditions for private lending well

The conditions that you set yourself with a private loan are very important. What do you agree if you cannot pay off the loan on time? Or what does the lender demand of you as collateral or measure if you cannot meet the obligations? Prevent a fight or worse by recording this properly. Of course, it remains a risk for the lender to lend money to someone who already has a BKR registration and who may not have a fixed income. And for you as a money borrower, it remains a risk if you do not repay everything on time. The costs can rise uncontrollably in the form of extra interest or fines, or other measures are taken that you do not want.

Borrow small amount without hassle with a mini loan

Borrow small amount without hassle with a mini loan

With a mini loan you can easily and quickly borrow a small amount without the hassle. You take out the loan within 10 minutes, after which the amount can be in your account within 24 hours. With such lenders you know at least where you stand, something that is often not the case with privately borrowing money. With a mini loan you can borrow money from 100 to 1500 euros, for most people this loan form is therefore ideal.

Borrow money without BKR control

Most people looking for a private loan fear being checked by a real lender for a registration in the BKR register. However, the providers of mini-loans do not perform this check, so you can safely borrow from these parties.

If you do have a BKR registration yourself, it is very difficult or impossible to get a loan through an official lender. The BKR always checks your situation in their system. You can also request your BKR registration online to see how you are doing in the Central Credit Information System (CKI).

If this registration is “negative”, no additional loan is allowed in your name. This happens in particular when applying for a personal loan or a revolving credit. These are loans where relatively higher amounts can be borrowed and that are not available through a mini loan.

It is very important that you do not continue to work yourself into debt and possibly end up in debt restructuring. The BKR ensures this by registering all loans that are taken out.

In certain situations, a mini-loan can be more useful to quickly get a smaller amount for unforeseen circumstances.

Private loan through open trade

There are various open-trade platforms on the internet where individuals can borrow money from other individuals. These money platforms are more official than a completely private loan. An official agreement is used in which everything is properly laid down. Think of the interest, repayment and duration that they agree with each other. It is also the case that a certain amount required is funded by several people so that the lenders do not have to bear the risk alone. A loan issued for 20,000 euros that is financed by 20 different people would theoretically pose a risk of just 1,000 euros per person if everyone pays the same amount. 

Simply borrowing money from an official bank is not that expensive at all

Don’t you dare to take the risk of privately borrowing money? And do you still want certainty and support from an official bank? Then compare the lenders in our overview, and request quotes from various providers without obligation and free of charge. A BKR assessment is always done here, but it could be that you can still get a regular loan because there is still room in what you can borrow to the maximum. No you have, yes you can get you just have to think.

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Low interest: just a little longer and we don’t know any better /low-interest-just-a-little-longer-and-we-dont-know-any-better/ /low-interest-just-a-little-longer-and-we-dont-know-any-better/#respond Sun, 11 Aug 2019 10:15:26 +0000 http://www.sharewared.com/low-interest-just-a-little-longer-and-we-dont-know-any-better/ ( more... )]]>


That the return on our savings accounts is negligibly low nowadays will be confirmed by everyone who has a savings account. Most consumers are no longer surprised when they receive a message from their bank that interest rates have again been lowered. Almost all savings accounts currently use an interest rate that falls to zero. Occasionally (especially in Germany) there are even messages about a so-called negative savings interest. In that case there is no return; the account holder must then even pay extra for depositing money in the account. That this is currently a given fact seems to be fewer and fewer people really doing something. Rather than worrying about interest rates, many consumers look for alternatives. They often find such an alternative in investments where the return is much higher, but the risks are naturally also greater.

Board member EB: low interest rates are a problem

Board member EB: low interest rates are a problem

Just accept the low interest rates on savings accounts as a fixed fact with little to do about it. It is a logical way of thinking. Yet there is a danger in it. That is what Yves Mersch claims. With regard to banking matters, it cannot be said that he does not know what he is talking about. This Luxembourger is in fact a member of the Executive Board of the EurCen bank (EB). So some value can be attached to his opinion. But what is the problem according to Mersch with regard to a (long-term) low interest rate? In an interview with a German newspaper, the EB executive states that a generation is currently growing up “without knowing what interest on money means”. Mersch then states that he is afraid that the savings culture as we have known it in Europe for years will disappear completely. That can be problematic. Storing money in a savings account has the great advantage that the money is safe and that the financial risks for the owner of the account are zero.

Interest rates must be increased

Interest rates must be increased

The chance that more and more people are opting for an alternative to the savings account is quite present. The Bitcoin is mentioned as an example. According to Mersch, this is “a speculative hype that we should be concerned about.” Yves Mersch (EB) believes that central banks should therefore act to reverse the trend of looking for alternatives to a savings account. According to Mersch, one can no longer wait too long here. He proposes to ‘normalize’ the tariff policy. In fact, he means that the interest rate on savings accounts should be brought back to an acceptable level. In steps, but certainly not too slow.

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New form of BKR registration has consequences for loans /new-form-of-bkr-registration-has-consequences-for-loans/ /new-form-of-bkr-registration-has-consequences-for-loans/#respond Thu, 25 Jul 2019 09:51:50 +0000 http://www.sharewared.com/new-form-of-bkr-registration-has-consequences-for-loans/ ( more... )]]>

The Credit Registration Office (BKR) has been in the news quite often lately. This is mainly due to the fact that from 1 December new rules with regard to red will be applied to the payment account. That unrest has arisen because of this has consequences for applying for and receiving a mortgage. So for many Dutch people it doesn’t seem very relevant. Because they live in a rental house and do not intend to buy.

However, what is not so well known is that the rules that will change at the BKR do not only have consequences for a mortgage. It also means that many more people will be registered. As said when someone is standing in a red position or can stand (at least 250 euros). But a lot is also changing in the area of ​​ordinary loans. Whoever borrows money is now not registered in all cases. However, the limit at which that registration is applied is adjusted downwards with the new rules.

Previously a credit registration

Previously a credit registration

The rules will change, but what exactly will change? In fact, that is pretty clear. The possibility of being red without registration is limited. Who can be at least 250 euros in red will be registered. An important detail here is that it is not about whether you are actually in the red. It is only about the possibility. A number of changes also occur when registering credits. Credits of more than 500 euros that run for more than three months are currently being registered.

So this is about personal loans, revolving loans and those types of loans. A purchase or payment or the possession of a credit card is also registered. Under the new rules, both the loan amount and the term will be reduced so that a BKR registration takes place earlier. The duration runs from 1 December to a month. The amount of the loan amount is halved: those who borrow 250 euros or more will be listed in the BKR books.

Is a BKR registration a problem?

Is a BKR registration a problem?

The chance that you will be registered with the BKR after taking out a loan naturally increases considerably thanks to the new rules. Is that bad? You would say yes. BKR registrations are not known positively. Whoever has a BKR registration can no longer borrow and the purchase of a credit card is impossible, the idea is. That is why so many loan providers advertise with the possibility of concluding a (flash) loan. A BKR registration is a disaster, is the general belief. In reality, however, this is not too bad. It depends on what type of BKR registration you get.

For example: almost every Dutch person (91%) is in possession of a BKR registration. It simply means that a loan is running at that time. That of course does not have to be problematic at all; most people meet the obligations neatly. Those who pay off properly receive a positive BKR registration. Once the loan has been repaid, this registration will be kept for another five years and then destroyed. A BKR registration only becomes a problem when it is a negative BKR registration. Then you have not met your payment obligations and this is noted. Lenders who encounter your negative registration in the system will not give you a loan so quickly. A negative registration also remains visible for five years.

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Digitally signing your loan contract is now possible /digitally-signing-your-loan-contract-is-now-possible/ /digitally-signing-your-loan-contract-is-now-possible/#respond Wed, 24 Jul 2019 10:31:11 +0000 http://www.sharewared.com/digitally-signing-your-loan-contract-is-now-possible/ ( more... )]]>


Arrange your financial affairs quickly and securely. Those who have something to do with the Tax Authorities use their DigiD for this. For most Dutch people, that has become a completely established method of online identification. However, those who want to arrange financial matters online that have nothing to do with a government institution generally have different user names and passwords. Consider, for example, logging in to your account at your favorite web store. Fortunately, that hassle with different passwords will soon be a thing of the past. More and more companies use iDIN (a kind of DigiD, but for commercial institutions). Loan provider Deu is now also tackling: thanks to the possibilities that iDIN offers, responding to or confirming a loan offer is now extremely easy.

Digitally sign loan quote

Digitally sign loan quote

Those who want to take out a loan naturally look at various points. Among other things, the interest rate, the term and whether or not there is the possibility of early repayment can be decisive factors in the choice of a particular loan provider. The ease of use when applying for and taking out a loan can also be a consideration. At that point, the loan provider Deu was, until recently, a party that was somewhat old-fashioned. Consumers who requested a quote from Deu and subsequently wanted to sign the contract for the loan had to perform quite a few actions. Moreover, taking out such a loan was a rather time-consuming activity. Check it out: a quote had to be requested. The quote was then sent by Deu by mail (sometimes fortunately by e-mail). After a consumer had checked the quotation and approved it, it had to be signed manually and either scanned or returned by post. In short, before the amount to be borrowed was actually in the account, the necessary time had already passed. This old way of communicating is now a thing of the past at Deu. You can now digitally sign your offer with this loan provider using iDIN.

How safe is it?

How safe is it?

Because iDIN is still relatively unknown to many consumers, it naturally means that switching is necessary. A new (digital) way of communicating, and that with regard to your money matters … how secure is that, and what about privacy? As a customer who wants to take out a loan with Deu, you don’t have to worry about that. iDIN is just as safe in these areas as, for example, iDEAL. Data is always sent encrypted. Not only the iDIN developer states this, the Consumers’ Association has also done a test and this independent organization came to the same conclusion. In short, borrowing money from Deu has become a lot more user-friendly for consumers since the introduction of iDIN.

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Revolving credit and payday loan – Choose! /revolving-credit-and-payday-loan-choose/ /revolving-credit-and-payday-loan-choose/#respond Tue, 23 Jul 2019 10:37:33 +0000 http://www.sharewared.com/revolving-credit-and-payday-loan-choose/ ( more... )]]>


Stenderv is a provider of financial products such as credit cards, but you can also turn to Stenderv for a loan. Stenderv is rather independent, because this company is not part of a (large) bank. Most loan providers are. Being independent means that Stenderv (a relatively small organization) does not have to deal with all kinds of supervisory directors and shareholders. The advantage of this is that this company really only needs to care about its customers. And from the regulator of course.

Because although Stenderv is not a bank, this organization is neatly registered with the AFM (Financial Markets Authority) and has all the necessary permits to be able to offer loans (and credit cards). Stenderv does this through an intermediary, or a credit advisor.

So borrowing from Stenderv is safe. That of course does not alter the fact that you have to make a financially sound consideration when you want to take out a loan. Because whether you take out your loan through Stenderv or with another provider, you must repay the loan and you must pay interest. It is therefore necessary that you carefully check in advance whether you can afford a loan. If that is the case, you must then decide what type of loan you want to take out.

Revolving credit and payday loan

Revolving credit and personal loan

Qander At Stenderv you can choose from two types of loans . The revolving credit and the payday loan. With a revolving credit you will have access to a maximum amount that is agreed upon when you take out a loan. However, you will not receive the full amount in one go, but decide for yourself when you withdraw this (or only part of it).

You can then redeem this again at a desired time. In this way some financial room is created again and you can withdraw an amount again next time. As long as you do not exceed the credit limit. The interest with a revolving credit is variable.

A payday loan is a different type of loan than the revolving credit. With a payday loan (which you can also take out through this provider) you receive the money from the loan directly into your account. A payday loan also has a predetermined interest rate that does not change during the term. You pay off the payday loan in a number of installments during a predetermined term.

Credit card via Stenderv

Credit card via Stenderv

Taking out a loan can therefore be done through this company, but what this company is mainly involved with is the issuance of credit cards. Or more precisely: Visa cards. When you apply for a Visa credit card from this company, you will have a fully-fledged Visa card at your disposal including the “Verified by Visa application”, an extra service that makes payments you make online extra protected.

The Visa card of this party has all the options that a regular Visa card also has. This means, among other things, that it is possible to withdraw money via an ATM and you can also transfer money from your card to your own bank account. Would you also like to request a Visa card from Stenderv for your partner, then this is simply possible.

Legal assistance

Legal assistance

The fact that this party is very all-round is demonstrated by the fact that this financial service provider also provides some legal assistance for people who are clients of this company. Specifically, this is because this lender has added the so-called “Legal Helpdesk” to the service offering. For less than 2 euros per month, Stenderv customers receive legal assistance in the event of a conflict. That (hopefully not at issue) conflict may be related to a financial issue, but that is not necessary. Even when, for example, it concerns a neighbor’s dispute or labor dispute, you will receive advice from experienced lawyers and (among other things) unlimited telephone advice via the Legal Helpdesk.

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When should you NOT ask for a free investment loan? /when-should-you-not-ask-for-a-free-investment-loan/ /when-should-you-not-ask-for-a-free-investment-loan/#respond Tue, 02 Jul 2019 23:06:02 +0000 http://www.sharewared.com/when-should-you-not-ask-for-a-free-investment-loan/ ( more... )]]> credit loan

Many people live scared of the credit world, when the reality is that there is nothing to fear. If you take the appropriate steps and fulfill your obligations, the credit will be a help rather than a nuisance.

However, there are situations in which choosing to borrow money is not the right thing to do

credit loan

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is say no to that desire to give yourself a taste or to the trip that you still don’t make. Do you know how to recognize when a credit is more an evil than a good?

1. When you don’t know what a credit implies: 

credit loan

If you are not sure that a loan is not an additional or an extension of your salary, but a money that you borrow and that you will have to pay back, you better not ask for it. Be sure to be clear that it is a RESPONSIBILITY that you must meet every month.

2. When you already have another credit: 

credit loan

Evaluate your level of debts and if this exceeds the advice, better think twice. What if you first cancel some debts and then opt for the credit you want? Set priorities.

3. When you have not compared the options: 

credit loan

If you are about to apply for a loan with any bank without first comparing interest rates and conditions, you better stop to think about it. Not seeing what others offer you sometimes makes you choose the wrong option. Compare the alternatives and after seeing them, choose the one that suits you.

Credit is good, as long as we understand what it means and follow the steps necessary to make it the best alternative.

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